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Guldemond Advocaten

About us

Guldemond Advocaten advises and litigates at a high level for mainly internationally active entrepreneurs and companies based on classic values of the legal profession such as independence and expertise but with personal attention and use of modern tools when they add value for our clients.

Our firm has a particular connection with German-speaking countries and we are active in several high-profile international lawyer networks (such as AIJA, Legal Mondo and American Counsel Association) based on long-standing personal relationships. Our core competences lie in the areas of corporate law (M&A and corporate litigation, governance, corporate employment law and co-determination), insolvency law (recovery, Private Composition (Prevention of Insolvency) Act (Wet Homologatie Onderhands Akkoord) private civil law and commercial contracts (agency, franchise and distribution). We are also at the forefront in terms of knowledge and experience when it comes to so-called “digital assets” (crypto currencies and tokens). We have experience with ICOs, funds and traders as well as board experience in this dynamic sector.

Naturally, precisely because of our clients’ demanding and complex projects, we keep in close contact with specialists from the legal profession and beyond with whom we enjoy working and sharing knowledge. On larger projects, we can always rely on colleagues and teams from other offices.

We maintain offices in a fantastic and easily accessible location with discreet and high-quality meeting rooms with high-end audiovisual and video-conferencing capabilities, comfortable lounge, hospitality and concierge services to meet our clients’ high expectations in that respect too.

Kai Guldemond

Kai Guldemond

More about Kai

Kai is also admitted in Germany as a “Rechtsanwalt” and is known as a highly professional, experienced and dedicated lawyer with mainly larger internationally active clients who appreciate that he advises them clearly even in complex cases and negotiates for them in Dutch, German and English. Kai has particular expertise in corporate law (M&A and corporate litigation) and contract law (heavy industry, food industry, IT, financials and Fintech). Confidence in his abilities is also evidenced by the fact that not only do fellow (foreign) firms refer their clients but he also regularly assists lawyers and notaries in their own business matters. He also has board experience as a supervisory board member of a small Dutch stock exchange fund and is part-time independent director of a digital assets trading firm (subsidiary of a listed company).


Kai Guldemond has registered the following main (and sub) practice areas of law in the Register of Jurisdictions of the Dutch Bar Association:

  • Corporate law
  • Directors’ liability
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Companies
  • Associations and foundations

Sascha Lang

Sascha Lang

More about Sascha

Sascha is a decidedly broadly oriented lawyer who has extensive experience in advising and representing corporate clients in court, especially in the field of contract law. In this respect, he benefits from having also gained extensive knowledge and experience in insolvency law. Thanks to his personal network with “public affairs” specialists from leading agencies, he is also in high demand as a consultant in strategic processes where legal advice is a necessary component of public information and influence. Sascha is also an Austrian national and a significant part of his practice consists of German-speaking clients.


Sascha Lang has registered the following main (and sub) practice areas of law in the Register of Jurisdictions of the Dutch Bar Association:

  • Civil procedural law
  • Law of obligations

Guldemond Advocaten

Guldemond Advocaten B.V. does not have a foundation for the management of third-party funds and therefore cannot receive third-party funds.